COBOL's HIGH-VALUE and Y2K problems (was Re: Engines to Die for Y2K 
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 COBOL's HIGH-VALUE and Y2K problems (was Re: Engines to Die for Y2K


>: 'Sounds like a long time ago - HIGH-VALUES is not a numeric value and
>: you get a compiler error if the date field is defined as numeric.

>That depends on what you do with it, and how alert (or picky) your
>compiler is.  There used to be systems where HIGH-VALUES and ALL '9' were
>the same thing.  Of course, it's a tad more difficult to confuse 99/99/99
>with a meaningful date.


I haven't seen/read the whole background of this thread, however, if the
gist is that there is a Y2K problem with using the COBOL HIGH-VALUES
figurative constant with date fields defined with certain PICTURE clauses,
then let me point you to the following.

In the draft Standard (unfortunately probably not to become official until
AFTER Jan 1,2000), there are two new intrinsic functions


These two functions provide solutions for COBOL programming where using
HIGH-VALUES/LOW-VALUES does not provide the expected results.  If this issue
is a real problem for your application(s), then I suggest that you contact
your compiler vendor ASAP.  Many of them have already implemented some of
the new features of the draft Standard (e.g. ACCEPT from DATE YYYYMMDD) and
I suspect that they would look at the 2 "algebraic" functions - if you can
show them to be of significant advantage for handling Y2K problems.

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