Changing Printers with Fujitsu COBOL V3 
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 Changing Printers with Fujitsu COBOL V3

I have been using our default printer with Fujitsu v3.
Because of a malfunction (i.e. the toner package that was
recently installed was defective and we are waiting for a
replacement to arrive) I am having to print report output to
an alternative printer.

When the run-time environment window pops us, I choose

        <Environment Setup><Printers>

I then choose the alternate printer and click OK.  The
information ("PRTNAME:HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL 6") is
then displayed in the "Run-time Environment Setup window
edit box" as indicated in the Help screen.  But when I press
<Set>, nothing happens.  The selected printer is not moved
(as I expect it should) into the list of selected run-time
options and the program continues to print to the
non-functioning printer.

Is there something else that I need to know in order to set
the printer?  Any and all advice appreciated.

Floyd Johnson

Tue, 07 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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