STD - correction to previous information that I have posted 
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 STD - correction to previous information that I have posted

Previously, I had indicated that ONE of the differences between the
J4/NCITS/ANSI "group" versus the WG4/SC22/ISO "group"- was that "ANSI"
things were (by definition) "open" while ISO things were not.

Today (while dealing with something else), I discovered that it *is* true
that all J4 meetings are "open" and that all of their documents are
"available to the public" - while WG4 meetings are closed and their
documents are *not* generally available.

HOWEVER, it is *not* true that NCITS or ANSI meetings and documents are "by
definition" open to anyone who requests them.  Past (and current) J4 (COBOL)
"project proposals" that were approved for doing various revisions ('85,
Intrinsic Functions, Corrections Amendment, Full Revision, etc) have
included the following wording:

"4.4 Legal Considerations ...
 Public Interest: Public interest is served by opening all meetings to the
public. Committee membership is opened to all engaged in some aspect of
COBOL use or implementation.  All committee documents are available for
public review through the X3 secretariat."

This *does* confirm (as far as I understand it) that the requirement for
"open meetings" and ability to review J4 documents *did* exist at one time.
HOWEVER, there is no such statement (that I am currently aware of) for NCITS
or ANSI documentation or meetings.  Furthermore, I was informed today that
the "project proposal" that includes this statement is an "historical"
document and does not (necessarily) still apply. (Actually, as I recall the
requirement for membership that one must be  "involved with COBOL" was
removed a few years ago.)  This does *not* mean that J4 has "closed"
meetings or hidden documents.

If you are interested in the document (semi-poor scan quality) that this
quote is from, see

available from

Again, I am not in ANY WAY claiming that there is or has been a change in
"normal ways of working" at J4, NCITS, or ANSI (much less WG4, SC22, or
ISO).  I simply wanted to publicly "correct" incorrect information that I
had previously communicated.

Bill Klein
 wmklein <at>

Sat, 14 Feb 2004 10:29:42 GMT  
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