compatibility beetwen microfocus cobol 2.0 and RM cobol with "linux 3.0 
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 compatibility beetwen microfocus cobol 2.0 and RM cobol with "linux 3.0

Hi friends the comp.lamg.cobol.

I'm a new user of "LINUX 3.0" ,  Sorry, my  ignorance !!!

I need a help to use any COBOL, under the  "LINUX 3.0" (SLACKWARE))

I don't know what "COBOL" and version is compatibile

I have Microfocus Cobol 2.0 and RM Cobol.

I need know, if I  will have any problems in use anyone.

Please, would send me, a explanation about  this.


Emerson Rrodrigues de Rezende

Sat, 02 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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