Merant (MF) Fileshare Crash Problem 
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 Merant (MF) Fileshare Crash Problem

We are running Merant  (Micro Focus) Object COBOL ver 4.1.10e (PRN 13.03) on
a SCO open server ver 5.04 system.  This server 320mg of RAM and is running
at about 11% of memory utilization.  We use this server primarily for
Fileshare and Client Server Bindings (very limited) .
We have had the application (retail POS) up and running juft fine for over 6
weeks.  On Thursday December 23 5:09pm and Friday December 24 2:00pm
(yes -peak load periods) file share crashed and left the folowing message:

Execution error: file 'cobkeymp'
error code 162, pc=0, call=0,seg=0
162 Arithmetic overflow or underflow

Fileshare Server closedown invoked
  by Stop Run processing

We were able to restart fileshare and it is running okay.  What gives?  This
is the standard Fileshare object supplied with the application server.  All
access is by TCP/IP and there are about 40 users with max file opens at
about 220.   I know this is not the very latest rev of SCO MF COBOL.  We
could not change our version in the production system untill after the
holidays and New Years.

Has anyone heard of this problem.  Merant tech support was closed for the
Thanks for any help.

Joshua Seltzer
Larich Distributors, Inc.

Thu, 13 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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