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[I'm posting this again because it appears not to have propagated very
 widely -- possibly due to problems at Demon over the last couple of
 weeks.  James. ]

Additional information and corrections are encouraged.  Please send


    1.  Changes since the last issue.

    2.  Where can I get this FAQ ?

    3.  Where can I get a COBOL compiler ?
        3.1 for DOS, Windows or OS/2 ?
        3.2 for Windows/NT ?
        3.3 for UNIX ?
        3.4 for Linux ?
        3.5 for the Macintosh ?
        3.6 for other environments ?

    4.  Is there a free COBOL compiler ?
        4.1 for DOS, Windows or OS/2 ?
        4.2 for Windows/NT ?
        4.3 for UNIX ?
        4.4 for the Macintosh ?
        4.5 for other environments ?

    5.  What happened to Realia ?

    6.  Where can I contact...
        6.1 Acucobol ?
        6.2 Liant ?
        6.3 Micro Focus ?
        6.4 CA ?
        6.5 RM ?
        6.6 mbp ?
        6.7 Wang ?

    7.  COBOL standards.
        7.1 What standards exist ?
        7.2 Can I get the standards via FTP ?

    8.  COBOL 6.50
        8.2 How do I compile my programs ?
        8.1 How do I link my objects ?

    9.  What about OO COBOL ?

   10.  Books about COBOL.

   11.  Is there a COBOL to C converter ?

   12.  COBOL code generators.
        12.1 ADS/O
        12.2 Telon

   13.  Other sources of information.
        13.1 Compuserve
        13.2 Bix
        13.3 Micro Focus Faxback
        13.4 Micro Focus WWW server
        13.5 CA WWW server
        13.6 Liant Ryan McFarland WWW server
        13.7 Acucobol WWW server
        13.8 The COBOL Foundation

   14.  Information required for the FAQ.

   15.  Contributors to the FAQ.

   16.  Copying this FAQ.

1.  Changes since the last issue.

        Removed the "What happened to Ryan McFarland" section.

    Added a section for COBOL code generators.  Information is
    sparse at the moment.

    Updated the Liant/Ryan McFarland WWW site entry

    Added an Acucobol WWW site entry

2.  Where can I get this FAQ ?

    This document should be archived at many sites on the Internet,
    including -- the archive site for all FAQs.  It is also

    An HTML version of the latest FAQ is also available from
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~james/faq/cobol-faq.html

3.  Where can I get a COBOL compiler ?

    3.1 for DOS, Windows or OS/2 ?

        Acucobol, CA, Ryan McFarland, mbp and Micro Focus all produce
        compilers for one or more of these environments.  Microsoft used to
        re-badge the Micro Focus compiler, but not any more.

    3.2 for Windows/NT ?

        Micro Focus has a COBOL 32-bit SDK available for Windows/NT
        and also the OO COBOL product.  ACUCOBOL-85 (again 32-bit) is
        also available and mbp also have a product for this platform.

    3.3 for UNIX ?

        Acucobol, Ryan McFarland, mbp and Micro Focus have products
        available across a large number of UNIX platforms.  Some OEMs
        re-badge and/or re-engineer these products for their own systems,

        Wang also produce a development and production environment
        for the RS/6000 running AIX and HP 9000 s800 and s700 running
        HP/UX and Liant have LPI COBOL available for Sun SPARC with
        Solaris 2, HP 9000 with HP-UX and Intel-based machines with
        UNIX SVR4, SVR3, and SCO.

    3.4 for Linux ?

        ACUCOBOL-85 is now available for Linux. Also, the iBCS2 code for
        Linux should mean that it is possible to get some of the i486
        COBOL packages for operating systems such as SCO UNIX to work.

        it is possible to get programs compiled using Micro Focus COBOL
        on SCO UNIX to run on Linux.

            Using Micro Focus COBOL v3.1 for SCO UNIX and Linux kernels
            1.1.35 and 1.1.45 with the iBCS code, programs will compile
            on Linux to .int code, but fail when data is entered (the
            tictac demo. program fails with illegal character in numeric
            field, whatever data is entered).

            When the .int code is created under SCO and transferred to
            Linux, it runs in exactly the same way as it does on SCO.

            If compiled to .gnt code, the program runs without any
            problems on Linux.

    3.5 for the Macintosh ?

        Micro Focus and Acucobol produce a COBOL development
        system for the Mac running A/UX.

        Micro Focus has also announced that it will be releasing
        a product on MacOS.  There are currently no dates for release.

    3.6 for other environments ?

        Ryan McFarland COBOL is also available for OpenVMS.

        Most major vendors have their own COBOL implementation, or
        have someone else's ported to their platform(s).  There are
        quite a few available for CP/M and MP/M, and one is even
        rumoured to have been available for the PERQ workstation.

4.  Is there a free COBOL compiler ?

    Just for the record, no COBOL tools are listed in the Catalog
    of compilers, interpreters, and other language tools posted to
    comp.compilers and comp.lang.misc.  This probably means that
    there are no freely available COBOL compiler sources.

    However, several books in the booklist come with a COBOL compiler.
    See section 10 for details.

    4.1 for DOS, Windows or OS/2.

        There is a freely available COBOL compiler for DOS. It can be
        found on many archive sites, named COBOL650.ZIP. You also need
        DPATH30.ZIP Have a read through Section 8 before you start.

        It is widely rumoured that the sources for this compiler are
        available from a BBS.  This no longer appears to be the case.
        Numerous attempts have completely failed to track down the

        There is a COBOL701.ARJ archive which contains a version of
        COBOL 6.50 with a limited number of compiles. It was an attempt
        at a full integrated development environment, including an
        editor. Unfortunately, no documentation is included.

        Also, it may be possible to run the freely available CP/M
        compiler (see 4.5) under a freely available CP/M emulator.

    4.2 for Windows/NT ?

        The CP/M compiler/emulator combination should work here, too.

    4.3 for UNIX ?

        There are no well-documented examples of a freely available COBOL
        compiler for UNIX.

        COBOL 6.50 might run under a UNIX emulation of a DOS system,
        however.  (For example, VP/ix, SoftPC or dosemu under Linux.)

        The CP/M compiler (see 4.5) should run under a CP/M emulator
        for UNIX in a similar fashion.

    4.4 for the Macintosh ?

        Not that I know of.

    4.5 for other environments ?

        There is a freely available CP/M COBOL compiler/interpreter
        (NPS Micro COBOL).  This is available via anonymous FTP
        from in /pub/cpm/cobol.  However, Stefano Priola

        "I've used the CPM COBOL ... I think that this compiler is much
         too old to use or for a student to learn COBOL."

5.  What happened to Realia ?

        Realia have been bought by Computer Associates (CA).  Their
        compiler is now called CA-Realia COBOL.

6.  Where can I contact ...

    6.1 Acucobol ?

        7950 Silverton Avenue
        Suite 201
        San Diego, CA 92126

        Tel: (619) 689 7220
        Fax: (619) 566 3071

        You can also call 1-800-COBOL-85 in the US.

        Acucobol have a connection to the Internet and can be contacted

    6.2 Liant ?

        LPI COBOL

          Liant Software Corporation      Liant Software Ltd.
          959 Concord Street              2 Caxton Street
          Framingham, MA 01701            St. James Park
          USA                             London SW1H 0QE

          Tel: (508) 872-8700             Tel: +44 71 799 2434
          Fax: (508) 626-2221             Fax: +44 71 799 2552

    6.3 Micro Focus ?

        Micro Focus Ltd.                Micro Focus Inc.
        26 West Street                  2465 East Bayshore Road
        Newbury                         Suite 400, Palo Alto
        Berkshire                       CA 94303
        RG13 1JT                        USA

        Tel: +44 635 32646              Tel: 415 856 4161
        Fax: +44 635 33966              Fax: 415 856 6134

        In the US you can also call 1-800-VSCOBOL.

        Micro Focus can be contacted via the Internet.  The domain is

    6.4 Computer Associates ?

        For product inquiries:

        Computer Associates
        One Computer Associaes Plaza
        NY 11788-7000

        Tel:    1-800-CALL CAI (225-5224)

        For technical inquiries:

        Computer Associates
        2400 Cabot Drive
        IL 60532-3652

        Tel:    (708) 505-6885

    6.5 Ryan McFarland ?

        Main Office:

        Ryan McFarland
        a Division of Liant
        8911 N. Capital of Texas Highway
        Suite 4300
        Austin, TX  78759

        Tel:        (512) 343-1010
        Fax:        (512) 343-9487
        Toll Free:  1-800-RM-COBOL


        Liant Software Ltd.              Nippon Liant Co., Ltd.
        2 Caxton Street                  31-8 Takasecho
        St. James' Park          

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Sat, 21 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
Whether or not the next COBOL Standard will or will not be
copyrighted - is a matter of discussion and argument.  As the
current Standard was put into the "public domain" and the next
standard is a "derrived" work, it is questionable whether or not
the next Standard will have an ISO or ANSI - or any other

FYI - if you have any other questions on X3J4 or the development
of the next COBOL Standard, you can also contact

   Don Schricker at

Sat, 21 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
Sorry  it's a test

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