Anybody get MFCOBOL working on NT 3.5 
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 Anybody get MFCOBOL working on NT 3.5

Has anybody managed to get MicroFocus COBOL working on NT?  I know there is an
NT specific version but I don't want to have to get an upgrade if I don't have
When I try to run the COBOL under NT it complains that it can't find
the security key (yes! my version is dongled).   Actually it does make an
attempt to interrogate the key which you can see if the default printer is
assigned to a file because the print-to-file dialogue box pops up.  I did
wonder if installing a driver for a printer that talks back might allow the
dongle to respond correctly but I don't know which printer driver to choose.

In any case any ideas or suggestions will be gratefully received.  The COBOL
compiler is the only thing preventing me from going over to NT completely.  
Having to have DOS and Windows installed is such a waste of  disk space.


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Sun, 11 May 1997 22:09:53 GMT  
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