Less than 24 hours... The Westergaard Y2K Colloquium 
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 Less than 24 hours... The Westergaard Y2K Colloquium

Westergaard Y2K Colloquium: The Waldorf Astoria, April 16, 8am - 6pm.

The Westergaard Y2K Colloquium Offers a Detailed and Realistic Appraisal
of the Year 2000 Computer Crisis and What it Means to Your Business

*Get a comprehensive, executive-level Y2K briefing -- the problems and
solutions -- from two leading Y2K experts

*Learn what both large and small corporations are or should be doing to
minimize risk and ensure a safe transition of all mission critical
business processes into the next millenneum  

*Stay on top of the major legal and accounting issues associated with Y2K

Participating speakers are a who's who of business professionals
representing the accounting, legal, insurance, banking and technology
industries.  They include:

* Norman Strauss, Partner & National Director - Accounting Standards,
Ernst & Young

* Jeff Jinnett, Esq.  President,  LeBoeuf Computing Technologies, L.L.C.

* Irene Dec, Year 2000 Project Manager, The Prudential Corporation

* Bob Cohen, Vice President, Information Technology Association of America

* James J. Woodward, Senior Vice President, Cap Gemini America

* John Westergaard, Year 2000 Adviser, U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick
Moynihan (D-NY)

Co-hosting the conference and presenting their Y2K solutions will be four
top Y2K Public Companies:

Strategia Corporation (STGI 9 1/2 OTC-BB)
Alydaar Software Corp. (ALYD 11 3/4 OTC-BB)
ConSyGen, Inc. (CSGI 11 7/8  OTC-BB)
SEEC, Inc.  (SEEC 8 1/2 OTC-BB)

Following the company presentations will be a Y2K Investment roundtable
and reception featuring the following leading analysts and brokers:

Bill Farrell, analyst, Morgan Stanley
Alex Arnold, analyst, H.C. Wainwright & Co.
Preston Galarneau, Jr. Investment Broker, Janney Montgomery Scott

To register for the April 16th Westergaard Y2K Colloquium ($365), or for

or fax 212-947-6643.  Registration will be limited to 200.

Hurry.  The Y2K clock is ticking...ticking...    

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