C & IBM mainframes (Was: Re: Character Sets) 
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 C & IBM mainframes (Was: Re: Character Sets)

[Please note that the original article(s) to which I am responding were
in comp.std.c; since what I'm writing has negligible standards-related
content, I changed the newsgroup to comp.lang.c.  -- dhw]


>>                                      Interesting though, I had never
>>considered the possibility of non-contiguous numbers and alphabetics rearing
>>its head now that EBCDIC is dead (slight :-)).
>With all those IBM mainframes (you know, the ones that run VM/CMS, MVS, TSO,
>etc. -- the operating systems that everyone in the papers is advertising
>positions for all the time....) the demise of EBCDIC is still a looooooong
>way off.

There is a moderately active mailing list devoted to the subject of the
C programming language in the (arguably hostile) environment of IBM
370-architecture machines (especially in conjunction with IBM's OSs for
said machines, such as VM, MVS/{370,XA,ESA}, VSE, and ACP).

If you would like to join the list, please send a request to join to:

(of course, the above is case-insensitive).

(In case it's not obvious, I wouldn't mind a bit more activity on the
list....  :-)

I am currently employed as a systems programmer, supporting MVS/XA; as a
result of the familiarity with the system required by the position, I am
also somewhat familiar with some of the ... ahhh... "quirks" of the
environment; others on the list are even more so.

>So programming one of those mainframes doesn't
>have to be so bad since there's a real language available....

Ummmm....  With all due respect -- and a great deal of appreciation for
those intrepid souls who decided to try to bring C to the 370
environment -- I suggest that "a real language" isn't quite all it
takes.  However, this would probably be better taken to the mailing
list, since I strongly doubt that very many readers of the net who are
interested in C are also interested in IBM-style mainframes.

David H. Wolfskill

Tue, 17 Nov 1992 13:15:00 GMT  
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