Address conversion to phys.address under DOS 
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 Address conversion to phys.address under DOS

Hi folks, i need some help from DOS "wizards":

I need to program a DMA controller with a physical address of
a buffer. This buffer is declared in my C program runnning under

The conversion of a virtual address to the physical address is
really simple if the PC is runnning in real mode. But: Todays memory
managers like QEMM or 386MAX and others switch the cpu into the
virtual 86 mode running in an protected mode segment.

Therefor the questions:

1. Does anybody know how to convert an address in my C program to the
   real used physical address? Is there existing a system call under
   DOS and/or Windows which does this? and how to use it?

2. Is there anywhere existing a library or a TSR or whatever which can
   do the conversion?

3. Does the DPMI interface help by this task?

If you have any hint, please send me an email. I will post the results in
the newsgroup.



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