Having Ported PCC 
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 Having Ported PCC

I recently got hold of the System V.3 3B2 version of PCC and have
retargeted it in just 4 weeks.  This version is QCC, but has much of the
RCC code #ifdef-ed out.  I tried building RCC, but gave up.  I believe
the "stin" (Shapes and Template INput) file for RCC differs from that
for QCC, and in the 3B2 version, there are some register set functions
that were missing.

I want to thank everyone for their help in getting started on this
project.  The discussions were quite helpful.  After having done as
thorough a job of digging into references on PCC, I think a summary
would be helpful to pass along.  These 5 references were all I could
find that discuss PCC specifically.  I was not at all interested in
general texts on compilers.

        "A Tour Through the Portable C Compiler" by S.C. Johnson

        "A Tour through the UNIX C Compiler" by D.M. Ritchie

        "A Tour Through the Portable C Compiler" by S.C. Johnson and
        Donn Seeley (4.3BSD document SMM:19)

        "Four Generations of Portable C Compiler" by D.M. Kristol
        (1986 Summer USENIX Conference Proceedings)

        "A Detailed Tour Through the /6 Portable C Compiler" by
        S.J. Leffler (CWRU tech report). I never was able to get a copy
        of it, but it's supposed to be useful.

The three "tour through PCC" papers are each a little different, and are
helpful in figuring out the C-tree representation.

The "stin" file was the most helpful aspect of retargeting QCC.  After
you read a few hundred pages of code, you can almost figure out how to
write/modify the "stin" file (typical Unix).  The good news is that
unless you're trying to brain damage QCC, 98% of the changes occur in
the mere 20 page "stin" file.

Oh yes, another good source (especially if you're starting with the 3B2
version of PCC) is the AT&T 3B2 Assembly Language Programming Manual.
                        Tom Wood
                        Data General, Research Triangle Park, NC
                        {the known world}!mcnc!rti!xyzzy!wood

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 08:23:00 GMT  
 Having Ported PCC
In porting QCC, a useful text is the "Portable C Compiler -
Version 2 (PCC2) Internals".  It includes documentation of
stin file formats, PCC2 tree forms, debugging flags, and
compiler #defines.  The manual is expensive so it's worth it
most if you buy it before you figure it all out doing a
port.  Since the manual is based on PCC2 (and hasn't been
updated), it's a good starting point, but doesn't have the
latest information.

The manual is available as Select Code 308-142 from the AT&T
Customer Information Center, 1-800-432-6600.  You need a
source code license to some version of PCC2 or later to
purchase it.

Dave Kallman, AT&T, 190 River Road, Summit, NJ 07901
attunix!dkk, (201)522-6378

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 15:56:00 GMT  
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