Help! who knows writing this C++ program? 
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 Help! who knows writing this C++ program?


> Everybody,

> I am asking for your help, who can do that C++ assignment?? I think it
> for a long time but still have no idea. But the deadline is coming, i am
> really worried. If you are interested in writing program, please give me
> a hand, Really millions of thank you to you. I attach the question file
> here.

> Would you please send the program to me through email?

> Bye

> Erwin

>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                         Name: cs2302_99asg1.pdf
>    cs2302_99asg1.pdf    Type: Portable Document Format (application/pdf)
>                     Encoding: base64

There is no one who help u do homework here,you should try to do it yourself
and ask what problem you
have when u are doing your homework.

Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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