hpc-dev mailing list started 
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 hpc-dev mailing list started

The HPC team is pleased to announce the availability three new internet
mailing lists:

   The list hpc-dev is devoted to the discussion of HP-UX development
   using HP's HP-UX C compilers.

   NOTE:  This list's membership includes HP C Compiler Lab Folks, HP
          Engineers who use the C compiler, and HP Customers who use
          the HP C compiler.  Keep this in mind when posting

   The list hpc-dev-announce is a moderated list devoted to
   announcements for HP-UX C compiler patches, releases, etc.  from the
   HP-UX C Compiler folks.  Announcements to hpc-dev-announce are also
   broadcast to hpc-dev.

   A digest version of hpc-dev is also available, and is called
   hpc-dev-digest.  The digest is a collection of all traffic from
   hpc-dev condensed into one email message sent out periodically.

   To subscribe to any of these lists, send a message to

   of the message:

      subscribe hpc-dev-announce
      subscribe hpc-dev-digest
      subscribe hpc-dev

      NOTE:  If you manually specify an address when subscribing,
             postings to the list _MUST_ be from that address.

   The list structure is designed such that you don't have to subscribe
   to more than one list.  If you only want HP C announcements,
   subscribe to hpc-dev-announce.  If you want the discussion list _and_
   announcements, subscribe to either hpc-dev or hpc-dev-digest.

Tue, 05 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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