Looking for an algorithm (GIS) 
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 Looking for an algorithm (GIS)

Hello !

I'm working with a GIS and I have a pointer to structures (X,Y) that are
nodes coordinates that define an Arc:

parray[0] = (X1,Y1) (node 1)
parray[1] = (X2,Y2) (node 2)
parray[2] = (X3,Y3) (node 3)

And I have the couple (from,to) that define a new "Arc".
"from" and "to" are in percent and define the beginning and the end of
the new Arc. Note that "from" can be greater than "to"

Of course, It is possible that a new node has to be defined.

How can I dynamically generate a new "parray" with these criteria ?

More generally, is there a web site where I can find these kinds of
algorithms ?

Help would be very appreciated.

PS: please send your reply to my email adress too.

Jean-Paul Dzisiak

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Centre d'Etude et de Modlisation de l'Environnement
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B-4000 Lige

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 Looking for an algorithm (GIS)


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