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 Detecting keypress



>I want to be able to detect a keypress while doing something else under
>Unix (though something universal would help). Most PC librarys have a
>function kbhit() that works but I havn't found the equivalent under

>For example:

>while (do_something) {

> // work

> if (kbhit()) {
>  c = getch();

>  // do something based on c
> }

From the FAQ list,* :

19.2:   How can I find out if there are characters available for reading
        (and if so, how many)?  Alternatively, how can I do a read that
        will not block if there are no characters available?

A:      These, too, are entirely operating-system-specific.  Some
        versions of curses have a nodelay() function.  Depending on your
        system, you may also be able to use "nonblocking I/O", or a
        system call named "select" or "poll", or the FIONREAD ioctl, or
        c_cc[VTIME], or kbhit(), or rdchk(), or the O_NDELAY option to
        open() or fcntl().  See also question 19.1.

>If you can help please email me.

If you need personalized service, hire a consultant.



You welcome,

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