Broland C++ 4.0 Project File 
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 Broland C++ 4.0 Project File

        I'm having a problem with Borland C++ v4.0..

        I had a BC++ 3.0 for DOS project file, which contained
        three source files and a library file, which all
        compiled, built and ran very wonderfully.

        I then got a hold of BC++ 4.0, noting that it WOULD
        compile and build Dos applications.

        So I loaded in the project file, re-saved it as an
        .ide file, messed with TargetExpert until it said
        everything was DOS standard, and the library was
        a static (.lib) file.

        Now, it compiles splendidly, but during the link,
        whenever it sees a reference to one of the library
        functions, it gives an undefined symbol error.

        Here is how the project file looks

         \---- x.cpp

        I have case sensitive linking off, and case sensitive
        exporting turned off..what else do I need to do so
        that it will recognize the symbols/functions in the
        libary file and link properly?

        Personally, I think it would be a waste of any and all
        money should this BC++ 4.0 not be compatible in compiling
        and building dos apps.

        Please help me if you can by either responding here
        or e-mailing me..I'm desperate and need help.

        Thank You.

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Sat, 24 May 1997 03:32:37 GMT  
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