Part 3 of 3: Free C,C++ for numerical computation 
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 Part 3 of 3: Free C,C++ for numerical computation

              Release 2 handles complex sparse matrices, interval
              matrices, blocked matrices adn symbolic matrices.
              Visualization tools.  Interfaces to Harwell routines
              and Boeing-Harwell sparse matrix data.

Name        : smooth.tar.Z
Description : Unix tool for smoothing
Where       : in ftp-raimund/pub/src/Math on

Version     : v1.9, 15 Aug 1989

Name        : smoothwb (209947 bytes)

Description : Smoothing Workbench
Systems     : Unix + Xview (e.g. SunOS, Linux)
Where       : in general on statlib
Language    : C (2613 lines) and fortran (1458 lines)
Comments    : interactive program for exploring smoothing methods
              Includes postscript documentation.
Date        : 28 June 1993

Name        : SPARSE
Where       : in sparse on Netlib
Description : library for LU factorisation for large sparse matrices
Author      : Ken Kundert, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli,

Name        :
Where       : in mirrors/msdos/c on
Description : Interpolation using splines under tension, dressed up as
              a Unix tool
Author      : James. R. Van Zandt
Version     : v2.9, 21 Nov 1992

Name        : |STAT
Where       : in pub/stat on (
Description : collection of around 30 Unix tools for statistical analysis

Version     : 5.4, 27 May 1993
Systems     : Unix, MS-DOS
Comments    : Has been in use for 13 years.  There is a troff|ps manual
              and man pages.  Explicitly designed to work with Unix
              philosophy.  The file stat.tar.Z.crypt.uu is ENCRYPTED;
              you have to send email asking for the password.
              There is a handbook available.

Name        : submit1
Where       : in jcgs on Statlib
Description : damped convex minorant algorithm

Version     : May 1992

Name        : surf

Description : Xlib program to debug, monitor, control largescale
              numerical simulations (in either fortran or C).  Does
              realtime 3d display.
Systems     : Aix, HP-UX, Linux.
Where       :, pub/Linux/Incoming
Version     : 1.0, 12 May 1994

Name        : SVDPACKC.tar.Z
Where       : in pub/berry on
Systems     : Sun, IBM RS/6000, HP9000, DECstation, Macintosh II/fx, Cray Y-MP
Language    : C
Description : an ANSI-C library for the singular value decomposition
            : of large sparse matrices.  Lanczos- and subspace iteraton-
            : based methods are used to iteratively compute several
            : of the largest (or smallest) singular values and corres-
            : ponding singular vectors.  Sample  UNIX C-SHELL scripts
            : are provided for automatic compiling and testing of the
            : library routines.   Cray Y-MP compatible routines provided.

Version     : 1.0, June 1993

Name        : svd.c.Z (8704 bytes)
Where       : in pub/C-num{*filter*}on
Description : SVD based on Pascal from J. C. Nash book

Version     : 14 April 1993

Name        : taranto-1.0.shar.Z
Where       : in prog/libraries on (
Description : portable, accurate FP to decimal conversion.

Name        : totinfo
Where       : in volume7 of comp.sources.misc
Description : info statistic and chi-square for 2-D contingency tables
Date        : August 1989

Name        : Tela
Authors     :
Description : Tensor Language
Systems     : Unix (SGI, Linux, Aix, Sun)
Where       :
Language    :
Version     : 1.21, 24 Feb 1995
Comments    : Includes a C translation of FFTPACK, 20-page user manual,
              FAQ, graphics examples, etc.
              See http://www.*-*-*.com/

Name        : Tensor.tar.Z

Description : Experimental Tensor Class
Systems     : Solaris
Where       :
Language    : Gnu C++ 2.6.2
Date        : Thu Jan 12 18:10:53 GMT+0530 1995

Name        : tsp
Where       : pub/dank/ at
Systems     : Any C environment
Description : Simple heuristic Travelling Salesman Problem solver
Author      : Dan Kegel - from "Discrete Optimization Algorithms," Maciej Syslo
Version     : 1.1

Name        : tsp_solve

Systems     : Borland, sco and Sun with gcc
Language    : C++

              like to test their own TSP tour finder's performance
Version     : 1.0beta
Description : Finds Optimal and Heuristic Solutions to many types of
              Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP).
Comments    : tsp_solve finds optimal solutions to geometric TSPs with 100
              cities in about an hour (don't go to lenscrafters for this one.)
              It will soon have an asymmetric TSP optimal solution finder that
              will perform at approximately the same level.

Name        : using-lapack.Z (8478 bytes)
Where       : pub/C-num{*filter*}on
Description : Notes on using Lapack through f2c.

Version     : 14 April 1993

Name        : vis5d
Where       : (
Systems     : SGI, Stardent, IBM PC
Language    : C, Fortran

Version     : 3.0 (soon to be 3.1)
Description : visualizing/animating data made by numerical weather
              models and similar sources
Comments    : vis5d interactively provides 3-D isosurfaces, vector-field
              slices, horizontal and vertical contour and colored slices,
              and ribbon "particle" trajectories (integral curves)

Name        : vregion

Description : Computes the voronoi diagram, delaunay triangulation,
              and convex hull of a two-dimensional point set.  It's based
              on Steve Fortune's algorithm, and partially on his
Systems     : Unix
Where       : comp.sources.misc, volume 41, issue 30
Language    : C
Date        : 14 December 1993

Name        : vspline
Where       : in gcv on Netlib
Description : non-parametric estimate of a smooth vector-valued
              function from noisy data
Author      : Jeff Fessler
Comments    : splines

Name        : wavethresh (wavelet.shar)
Where       : in directory S on Statlib, and anonymous ftp from
    , in directory pub/masgpn
Language    : C (and S functions)

Version     : 2.1 (March 26 1993)
Description : wavelet transform & thresholding software in C for linking
              into S.
Comments    : Performs 1- and 2-D discrete wavelet transforms using
              Daubechie's wavelets. Also performs thresholding according to
              Donoho and Johnstone.

Name        : weisfeld-simplex.shar (7457 bytes)
Where       : pub/C-num{*filter*}on
Description : small implementation of simplex method for linear programming.
Author      : Matt Weisfeld (not on Internet)
Version     : Feb 1993
Comments    : associated with article in Feb 1993 CUJ.
              For production use (where you want a black-box solver),
              the `lpsolve' package (above) is better.  If you want to
              open up a simplex implementation and modify it, then this is
              quite good, using the article as documentation.

Name        : xgobi
Where       : in general on Statlib
Systems     : Unix, needs X Windows
Description : a data analysis package emphasising graphical data exploration

Date        : 23 March 1993
Comments    : EDA

Name        : XLispStat
Where       : pub/xlispstat on
Systems     : Unix, Macintosh, MSW
Description : a statistical package

Version     :
Comments    : object-oriented, EDA, graphics, lisp

Name        : xtrap.c.Z (4463 bytes)

Version     : 28 July 1992
Description : extrapolation program.  Supports 6 algorithms: VBS
              approximants, Aitken delta-squared, Wynn epsilon algo,
              Wynn rho algo, Brezenski theta algo, Levin u-transform.
              Is dressed up as a Unix tool.
Where       : pub/C-num{*filter*}on

Name        : xvgr/xmgr (open look or motif versions)
Where       : /CCALMR/pub/acegr on
Systems     : Unix, with either open look or motif
Description : graphics for EDA

Version     : 2.10, 2 May 1993
              3.01 (Motif only), 17 August 1994.
Comments    : Linux and SunOS 4.1.3 binaries are in bin directory


In case you had not already noticed it: a public domain, industrial
strength, fortran-to-C translator named f2c exists.  It has one great
strength and one great weakness: "It is a true compiler".  Thus the
code generated always "works", at the price of frequently looking like

A lot of useful fortran libraries can readily be turned into working C
using f2c, and the resulting C can often be made almost human after
some hand-editing.  The weakest link of f2c is code which involves

A pointer to f2c is at EOF.  f2c is also inside Netlib, so you are
probably better off figuring out how to use Netlib.

Other pointers

There is a lot of interesting C source in these fields which I know nothing
        - signal processing
        - pattern recognition, neural networks
The comp.dsp FAQ has some pointers to source code.
Please send me complete entries to include in the above index.

A lot of 3rd party source code which hooks into the S statistical package
uses computational engines written in C.  With a little work you can extract
useful source from this.  Look in the S directory on Statlib for more
pointers.  If you find something which is remarkably useful and easy
to extract, please tell me about it.

The same phenomenon operates to some extent for the XLispStat package.
Look around on the site.

Interesting sites

saying "help".  You will get instructions on how to do ftp via email.

Everything in this index (except for what is on {net,stat}lib) is
mirrored in pub/sci/math/numcomp-free-c on
Note: this site is in finland.  If you are in the US, please try
to find a site closer to you.

source-code newsgroups:  (e.g. usenet/comp.sources.reviewed archives the
        comp.sources.reviewed newsgroup).
        netlib/f2c on
        pub/gnu on
Netlib:       email, ftp             email, xnetlib               email, xnetlib for Europe is a mail server useful for Europe. ( in Australia
Statlib: (as statlib) (
others: has a small collection in pub/math, including
        fft stuff not listed above. is quite interesting


The following people helped me put this index together:


Of course, we owe infinite gratitude to the authors themselves, for
making their work available in the public domain.
Ajay Shah, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Bombay

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