WTB: Microsoft C 7.0 
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 WTB: Microsoft C 7.0

Want to buy: a copy of Microsoft C 7.0, only need the disks (I have all
the manuals), but will take entire set if need be; I'm a registered owner
who lost his disks during some job move (dunno when) and now need the
disks; MS can't help (it's too old)... can someone out there?  
Maybe someone how's upgraded?  (BTW: I already bought one set  - well,
traded for it - and it had a bad disk #3!!!!!! Grrr! Install failed!!)
Help!  Please email me with _any_ help!   Thanks...

- Mark

Name:      Mark A. Wilson

I am Loquacious of Borg.  Prepare to be bored.
They shoulda had McCoy in ST:GENERATIONS, just so he could
say to Picard, when Kirk dies:  "He's Jim, dead!"

Sat, 10 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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