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> Where can I get  C-examples  or the small programs wtitten in C ?
>              Thank you.

Your question does not discuss the interpretations or implementations of the
C Language Standard, which is what the comp.std.c newsgroup is for.  I have
cross-posted your post to comp.lang.c which is the proper newsgroup to ask
your question, and have set all followups to there.  Please in the future
respect the charter of each discussion group, and post your questions to the
proper one.

To answer your question, go to Deja News (on the Web) and look at old
articles posted to the same comp.lang.c newsgroup, as well as newsgroups in
the comp.sources.* hierarchy.  You'll find a number of samples and pointers
there.  Also check the C/C++ Users Journal and Dr. Dobbs Journal; both
magazines are good sources C programs you can learn concepts from and have
useful utilities.  Both have CD-ROMs available of back issues you can order.
And the former has membership forms to CUG - the C Users Group.  CUG has
several CD-ROMs of sample code and useful utilities for a number of
different operating systems.


> And another question :
>              How can I process <CNTRL>+<KEY>?

That depends are your exact environment: what hardware you are using, what
operating system you use, what graphical environment is involved (if any),
what compiler and libraries (& visual builder, if any) you have, and so on.
If I gave you the answer for System-V Rel. 4 UNIX, using the curses library
and Sys-V compiler, where the user is using a Regent-20 terminal, the answer
may not be what you are looking for.

Scott G. Hall
GTE Government Systems
North Carolina Systems Center

Sat, 21 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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