BC ++ Vs VC ++ 
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 BC ++ Vs VC ++

I have both compilers to play around with, but I'm not offering an opinion,
just an anecdote that a person seeking to acquire one or the other may
find of interest.

Why did I think I needed both compilers?  Perhaps I'm independently wealthy
or just foolish.  No.  This is what happened:

I went to Price Club and found VC++ Standard Edition for $80.  Then I went
across the street to Comp USA and found BC++ for $500.  Then I noticed the
BC++ Upgrade Package for $199.  So I went back to Price Club, bought VC++,
brought VC++ back to Comp USA and upgraded it BC++.  In this way, I ended
up with both compilers for almost half the price of BC++ alone!

The Comp USA salesman told me this conniving trick works for lots of big
money software.  For instance, you can buy a dusty old WORDSTAR for almost
nothing, then upgrade it to MSOFFICE at a savings of over 50%.

Rick Castrapel

Fri, 08 Aug 1997 16:44:36 GMT  
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