Free C++ SIG:Austern,SGI STL;Feb 8,Sat 
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 Free C++ SIG:Austern,SGI STL;Feb 8,Sat

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San Francisco Bay Area
Center for Advanced Technology
Newsletter                    February, 1997

Topic:   SGI STL (Standard Template Library)
Speaker: Matt Austern
Date:    Feb 8, Saturday
Time:    10:30 a.m.
Place:   Computer Literacy Bookshops
         First and Trimble
         San Jose

Please note: Four (4) copies of Stan Lippman's book
  Inside the C++ Object Model, Addison-Wesley
  will be given away at this presentation.

Note material from Nathan Myers talk
last month on C++, as well as a link to
information on SGI's STL can be found
on our Web site at


The SGI Standard Template Library


Silicon Graphics has made its implementation of the C++ Standard
Template Library freely available to the public.  The SGI Standard
Template Library features thread safety, improved memory utilization,
improved run-time efficiency, and new data structures, including hash
tables; it also includes a comprehensive conceptual taxonomy of
generic software components.  This presentation will discuss the
foundations of generic programming, the new features of the SGI STL,
and SGI's future plans for extending the Standard Template Library.


Matthew Austern is a member of the Languages and Libraries group at
Silicon Graphics, and is one of the principal authors of the SGI
Standard Template Library.  He is also a moderator of the Usenet
newsgroup comp.std.c++, and an active member of the C++
Standardization Committee.

Take Hwy 101.  Exit at Trimble near the Santa Clara/
San Jose border.  (It only exits in one direction.)
Head toward the Bay side for about a mile.  Cross
over First and turn in the first driveway to the
Computer Literacy Bookshops.

Rogue Wave
Addison Wesley
Prentice Hall

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