FORTRIX-C comments and experience needed 
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 FORTRIX-C comments and experience needed

I first posted this to comp.lang.fortran and then later realized I
might find some people here familiar with FORTRIX-C.  If you have any
$.02 about that fortran to c conversion product, I would love to hear
from you. (Email prefered or followup to comp.lang.fortran, thanks!)

*** DUCK. It's another post about fortran to c convertors! ****
Actually, it  isn't quite that general.  Don't bother telling me about
f2c; I read about it earlier in this group and will be chasing it down
shortly.  However, I have been requested (by my employer) to elicit
opinions, recommendations, and/or warnings from anyone out there who
has used the _FORTRIX-C_ conversion program for Unix (and specifically
Sun workstations) by Rapitech Systems, Inc.

Some of our specific concerns include compatibility with F77 on Unix,
and ability to efficiently handle floating point formats (which I
suspect will just be: don't do anything that keeps us from using
-68881 and similar floating point optimization switches.)

E-mail replies.  If anyone expresses an interest I will post a summary
in a week or two.

Thanks!      Mitch

  Mitchell S. Pockrandt - Computer Science Dept. - University of Minnesota

     UUCP    :  ...!rutgers!umn-cs!pockrand


Wed, 27 Jan 1993 01:45:59 GMT  
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