Programming REXEC() with input and output streams 
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 Programming REXEC() with input and output streams

Hi everybody,

I would like to use the rexec( ... ) function to run the wc utility on a remote

machine, with an input sent from the local machine, and to get the output back
on the local machine (don't ask why, it is just an example).

The code I wrote for this follows :

     char ch;
     struct servent *servent;
     FILE *fpo,*fpi;
     int sd;

     servent = getservbyname("exec", "tcp");
     sd = rexec(host, servent->s_port, user, passwd, "wc", 0);
     fpi = fdopen(sd, "w");
     fpo = fdopen(sd, "r");

     while ((ch=fgetc(stdin)) !=EOF) fputc(ch,fpi);

     printf("input over\n");

     while ((ch=fgetc(fpo)) !=EOF) fputc(ch,stdout);

It lets me enter a text to which I put an end with a nice little ^D,
displays "input over" and waits just as if the remote wc process was still
waiting for data.

In fact, it seems to me that wc does not 'see' the remote ^D as it would see
a local one. So, the question is:

'How do I tell wc that it doesn't have anything else to expect from its input
stream' ???

  Any hint about this problem is very welcome.

  Thanks in advance, Ben.


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Wed, 10 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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