Accessing vars in global and module scope in ANSI C 
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 Accessing vars in global and module scope in ANSI C

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pointer pointing to the |: global variables (static or external linkage). But,
if you do have |: the sources available, why not change the names of those
local |: variables instead? Having identical names for local variables |: _and_
wanting to access global variables with the same name is |: quite unreadable I
might say ...

|This is purely an academic example of scoping rules in ANSI C. It is not |ment
as a suggestion as to an implementation methodology people should |use for
their variable naming conventions.

Ok, academic examples and questions are easy ;-) Have a look at the Standard: Scope of identifiers

`If an outer declaration of a lexically identical identifier exists  in the
same name space, it is hidden until the current scope terminates, after which
it again becomes visible.'

This is just a formal way of saying that:

        int x;

        int foo() {

        int x;

        /* the global variable `x' cannot be accessed
         * within this function directly


I guess this about says it all ...

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