wanted - C and/or Fortran source for 24-loop Livermore Loops 
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 wanted - C and/or Fortran source for 24-loop Livermore Loops

Hello -
     I'm trying to get fortran sources for the full 24-loop Livermore Loops
benchmark.  Could someone tell me whom to contact, or where to look ?  If
you have the sources, and they're not too large, I'd appreciate it
if you would send me a copy.

Also, if a C version of the full 24-loop kernels has come into
existence, I'd like very much to get it - I've got the 14-loop version
posted to comp.arch a while ago.

BTW, please reply by email, as I don't usually read most of
these groups.

Thanks in advance for any pointers (or code, of course) --


Johannes Sayre

SUNY Stony Brook            UUCP: {allegra,philabs,pyramid,research}!sbcs!sayre

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 18:50:00 GMT  
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