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                               IMAGINATIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC.  
                          Creative Business And Software Solutions
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It's all in our name: Imaginative Technology, Inc.: We use
imagination and creativity to produce the best technical
solutions. Helping people and businesses is our driving mission.
Win/win relationships anchor our business success.

At Imaginative Technology we have broad, demonstrated success in
getting businesses to achieve their objectives when confronted by
technical challenges.  We're actively hiring new employees and
expanding our operations, particularly in Florida.


Our approach is integrative:  We work carefully to synergize each
piece of your business process, achieving the most efficient
combination. Powered by those all-important communication and
listening skills, we draw the picture that fits your unique
requirements, and support you steadfastly during implementation.

Successfully Re-Engineering Business Practices is very gratifying
work. We're  proud to include Software Manufacturers, Banks,
Brokerage Houses, Law Offices, Publishing Houses, Electronic
Commerce Specialists, Transportation and Telecommunication Firms
in the list of companies we have helped take to the next level. In
many cases, our work in this area laid the foundation for
substantial support we provided on the software side.


Imaginative Technology, Inc. has extensive success in designing and
developing new software systems, including:

Database Products             Schedulers
Human Resources              Internet
Data Warehouses               Public Relations
Electronic Commerce          Sales Reporting
Accounting/Financial          Customer Service
Expert Systems                   Telephony

A partial list of our hardware/software expertise:

Mainframes: IBM, DEC, Data General

Minicomputers: RS/6000, Sun, HP, SG Indy and other Unix machines  

Microcomputers and Networks: IBM family, DEC Alpha, Macintosh.
Novell, Banyan, and Microsoft-based LANS.

Software(Languages, Databases and utilities):

C, C++, Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, Java, HTML, Perl, CGI, ActiveX,
Basic, DB2, SQL, FOCUS, Delphi, SAP, Oracle, Oracle Tools, Sybase,
Informix, Microassembler, SCCS, PVCS, Clearcase.

Operating systems: MVS/ESA, VM/CMS, Unix, X-Windows, MSDOS,
Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, MacOS, Netware 4.x, Banyan

DBA resources: Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL-Server, Informix. (All
applicable Operating Systems)


We have successfully reengineered existing systems and corporate
procedures, some of which had absolutely no CM before our
involvement and were flirting with production and customer service
disasters. Our scope of work extends to greatly customizing and
enhancing Configuration Management systems wherever applicable,
perfecting consistent build strategies, defect tracking,
acceptance criteria, controlled simultaneous access strategies,
training developers in new CM methods, and more.


Imaginative Technology trains users at all levels, adjusting our
presentation methods to the appropriate level of technical
literacy. We support demonstrable, objectives-based training and
will work closely with you to define these objectives.


Too often neglected,  Documentation is a major part of our
business. Over the last 10 years, we have established a major
success track in critiquing, auditing, re-engineering system
documentation. Well-done documentation is an art form. Our
sensitivity to its immense importance for organizational
efficiency, reliability, planning, disaster recovery, etc. is
anchored in experience with ISO-9000, SEI, QSR and other industry
standards.  Always tailored to your special needs, our  ongoing
project work incorporates the highest documentation standards.


For more information about how Imaginative Technology can help your
business, please contact us via e-mail or phone:


To support our increasing and demanding clientele, we are actively
recruiting topflight Business Consultants and Software
Technologists who can support the Services highlighted in this

Imaginative Technology, Inc. encourages interested applicants for
Permanent or Contract positions to send their resumes, preferably
with salary or billing requirements.

For fastest service, send your ASCII or MS Word 6.0 Resume with
complete contact information to:

If interested, we will ordinarily respond within 3 business days

****THE WEB****

Please surf to our Web site for more information and updates about
Imaginative Technology


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