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 Free Internet Access World Wide

Greetings from 1stfamily,

As we all know unlimited Internet access is $19.95 / month
with every major Internet access company. From  Netcom  to
AT&T  that  price  never  changed. So  what  makes us  any
different when we are also charging $19.95 / month ???

Our Marketing Plan.

Our method is this. Unlimited Internet access for $19.95 per
month. If you find our service to be extremely satisfactory,
in which we are sure you will,  you  can  refer  our service
to 10 of your friends and family. If you  do ,  you will get
free Unlimited Internet access  with  your   e-mail  address
for life !  

What we offer is this:

* The fastest, clearest Internet access in the world.

* World Wide Internet access in over 110 countries.

* An e-mail account that is also life time free if you refer
  10 of your friends and family to using our service.

* America On-line for only $10 / month !

* Much much more that will amaze you !

Our plan is  by the year  2005  we will  be  the world's ONLY
Internet service providers. With our technique of offering you
life time free Internet access we will be.

Please visit our web site http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;any  where
from the world to know more about our opportunity and to even
get on the wagon before every one else beats you there.


Please forward this message to all of your online friends. Wouldn't you
want all of them to get free Internet access ?

 Abdul ( SPONSOR ID # SAF5197 )      
 Stop paying for Internet access !  
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;          


Thu, 06 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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