Wanted: (Sub-)Tree printing algorithm 
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 Wanted: (Sub-)Tree printing algorithm

Hello everybody,

recently I have written a program that builts up a random built
tree i.e. that every mother-node may have a different number of
daugher-nodes. The tree consits of aprrox. 450.000 nodes and is
later transformed into a list that is printed out.

Now I want to have a look at the tree itself. So I'm looking for
an algorithm (or a tool) that prints the subtree of a given tree
either to the screen or to the printer. It would be perfect if
it also does zooming.

A very sophisticated thing, I know, and any hints or help are
very welcome. I'm using gcc on a Sun sparc-station under SunOS 5.2.

Many thanks in advance,

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Tue, 25 Feb 1997 16:03:52 GMT  
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