Makefiles, Libraries, Object files, Header files in TurboC++ (borland) 
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 Makefiles, Libraries, Object files, Header files in TurboC++ (borland)


I'm a bit of a newbie, that is :
Programming in C is not a big problem for me....
A little while ago I was browsing the net and found some cute
C libraries (mouse routines etc). I downloaded them and tried
using them in TurboC++ 3.0 (from Borland), I know this is
an old program but those libraries should work (shouldn't they?).
I just didn't seem able to use any of the libraries. On compiling
the compiler always gave a linker error.

Please help me.

        Rinke Hoekstra

Sun, 25 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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