Cross platform development (MetaWare HighC) 
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 Cross platform development (MetaWare HighC)

My company develops and maintains a 300+ source module product
on various platforms, and as we're now going into three new platforms
we would very much like to standardize on one compiler for at least
some of the platforms.

What we need is a C and C++ compiler that generates professional
quality code and adheres to the ANSI C and AT&T C++ 2.0 defs.

After having done some market research we're now left with one commercial
product that we would like to hear the opinions on. This product is MetaWare
High C/C++.

The platforms where we want to use High C/C++ are:

        DEC Ultrix/RISC on MIPS R2000
        Unix SysV.4 and SysV.3.2 on Intel 386 and 486
        DEC Alpha AXP under OSF/1
        HP9000 under HP-UX
        IBM RS6000 under AIX

I haven't been able to get any serious material from my local MetaWare
representative som I'm a bit unsure whether High C/C++ actually exists
on all these platforms.

Does anybody have any experiences with High C/C++ on these platforms,
with MetaWare in general, their support-policies and bug-fix policies.

Any opinions are welcome including suggestions for alternative products.

 Mads Westermann                | Phone:        +45 4582-3200
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 DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark     | UUCP:         ..!uunet!!wes

Sun, 19 Nov 1995 21:00:32 GMT  
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