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 Survey on using C as intro CS langa

>My university introduced C to their new students in January. It was a big
>success. The faculty felt that these students "produced better code" and
>"better understood programming in general" compared to previous students who
>started with Pascal. They don't understand why the "C" students did so much
>better than the Pascal ones.

>Do any of you have any ideas?

>-- Chris

        Could it be possible that only those people with half a clue about
computers took the C course, while anyone took the Pascal course, because
they thought it would be easier?  Thus, you have the better students in the
C class, producing better code.  (This occurs in the Advanced Placement
exams in school, most of the time.  The more complex exam has a higher
percentage of successful students than the easier version.  This is probably
because only the really good students take the complex version.)

        Of course, it could also mean that C is just an unbelievably superb
language!  :-)

Tim Norman                       The answer is 42.

"I'm so crazy that I'm pretending I'm sane."  - me

Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:02:32 GMT  
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