Need help programming graphics 
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 Need help programming graphics

        My father, the economics professor has asked me to convert a program
of his from basica to C, the program itself is rather simple, but he has
asked me to add some "bells and whistles" to it, and I am having some
difficulty. Basically, the program is a economics simulator, where by
changing certain variables, you either succeed or fail as the president of
the united states. What he would like me to do is to add some graphing to
the program, simple bar and line graphs, to display the current state of the
        I am working with borland C/C++, and have only been programming in C
for a short time. My dad thinks I can do miracles and I am afraid to tell
him I am only human. I know nothing about programming graphics and would
appreciate any reference suggestions, or examples or general help. The
information would be a series of integer values to be plotted along the
x-axis again in either bar or line format. Any help will be greatly
appreciated and I look forward to everything except flames. Thanks in
*  Christopher R. Moewes                                                   *
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Sat, 20 Apr 1996 14:10:18 GMT  
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