Beta Testers Wanted For Testing Panorama-2 
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 Beta Testers Wanted For Testing Panorama-2

Dear Colleague:

Are you interested in beta testing a software development
environment for software design, coding, testing, QA,
reengineering, and maintenance?

ISA' Panorama-2 seamlessly integrates eight tools (OO-Test,
OO-Playback, OO-MemoryChecker, OO-DefectTracer,
OO-Analyzer, OO-SQA, OO-Browser, and OO-Diagrammer) along with

  - GUI-based capture/playback tool using automatically
    minimized test cases
  - memory leak/violation checking
  - defect/problem tracing
  - test coverage analysis of
    template/class/function/block/branch/segment/condition &
    multicondition outcome
  - test case management and test case minimization
  - requirement/test case and code correspondence analysis
  - dynamic tracing
  - source static analysis (compactness, program
    structure/logic/control flow/path, function cross reference,
    code complexity, data /global/static variables, etc.)
  - quality measurement using dynamic and static OO-Metrics,
  - document generation with more than 150 on-line accessible reports.

Panorama-2 not only provides comprehensive support for
software testing, debugging, and quality assurance, but also
supports maintainable and testable software system design,
less-bug and less-risk coding. and efficient software maintenance.

Panorama-2 is an enhanced product of ISA's Panorama C/C++.
It runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT for C and C++.
Despite its powerful functionalities, it is surprisingly easy to use.
This is because the more automated a tool package is, the easier
it is to use.

Please visit the web site of Panorama-2 at
There are more than 35 color graphics provided
from application examples, and a Beta Site Application Form.

Free and shareware versions of Panorama C/C++ can be directly
downloaded from our web site at

Thank you.

Jay Xiong
International Software Automation, Inc. (ISA)


     7677 Oakport St. #105
     Oakland, CA 94621
Tel. (510) 632-6688
Fax. (510) 632-3388

Sun, 24 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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