ANNOUNCEMENT: PaulOS Embedded Operating System v1.0 
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 ANNOUNCEMENT: PaulOS Embedded Operating System v1.0

ANNOUNCEMENT: PaulOS Embedded Operating System v1.0

Now available for free download under the GNU General Public License.

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~psheer/paulos/  (Mirror)

PaulOS is a low latency single threaded embedded operating
system for 16, 32, and 64-bit microprocessors. PaulOS is
written to allow applications to be developed under
GNU-Linux/FreeBSD and then recompiled for the target

The foremost distinguishing features of PaulOS are:

    - POSIX file descriptors

    - TCP stack with BSD socket API

    - ANSI C library

    - DNS resolver library

    - Single threaded operation

    - A Linux port, i.e. running as a single Linux process

    - Runs in 50-100kB ROM

PaulOS hopes to become provably bug free. Because the OS
is single threaded and simple, I believe this is an
achievable goal.

The kinds of applications amenable to porting to PaulOS
are applications that use the GNU approach to development.
These are applications that are written in C using the
"lowest common denominator" POSIX API functions - i.e.
using only portable API functions that are common to most
Unix systems. PaulOS provides a minimal system on which to
run these applications.


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