HELP: Pointer to array of 2D. 
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 HELP: Pointer to array of 2D.


 I have a casting problem which I can seem to solve.

We know that:

MYTYPE     *((*ptr)[]);   /* 'ptr' is a pointer to an array of
                             pointers of type 'MYTYPE'.

ptr = (MYTYPE (*) []) malloc(15 * sizeof(MYTYPE *));

The cast to malloc() is necessary and works.

Now we have:

MYTYPE     *(*((ptr)[]))[]; /* 'ptr' is a pointer to an 2D array
                               of pointers of type 'MYTYPE'.

ptr = (<I can't work out the cast>) malloc((15*15) * sizeof(MYTYPE *));

What would the casting be???

Please e-mail hints or tips in addition to post.  Many thanks.


Mon, 27 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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