Function Pointer Problem--Please Assist 
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 Function Pointer Problem--Please Assist

I have been having problems trying to resolve passing a pointer function
in C++.

It appears that my program elicits errors based on
the following lines of code:

in a separate class's .c file:
        //rgb_t rgb = solid->tex().givrgb();  //Case 1
        //rgb_t rgb = solid->tex->givrgb();  //Case 2
        //rgb_t rgb = solid->tex(givrgb());  //Case 3
        rgb_t rgb = rgb_t(15,15,15);

        rgb_t is a type from class rgb,
        solid is of a class presolid.
        tex is def'd by:


        and givrgb() is a public member function

        The only line that actually worked was the hard-coded (15,15,15) line.
        Case 1 compiled and linked, but resulted in a run-time "Illegal
        Instruction" error.  Cases 2 and 3 did not compile correctly.

        Any ideas?  Btw, I also tried ->(*tex)().givrgb(); but that
        did not compile either.  Am I calling this pointe function correctly?  

        Thanks in advance...

Perry ...

Thu, 02 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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