New Tool: Metrics and Code Analysis Made Easy! 
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 New Tool: Metrics and Code Analysis Made Easy!

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Resource Standard Metrics          Free Fully Functional Demo

Software source code quality, metrics, complexity analysis tool.
An ISO 9001, TickIT, SEI tool for C and C++

Operating System Support: HPUX, SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, or gcc/POSIX
                          compatible system, Linux, OS2, Win95,
                          Windows NT, DOS 6.2+

RSM is a completely portable and standard tool for C and C++ code
analysis, metrics and complexity tool.  It performs functional quality
analysis at blazing speed for a single file, files or project.

Features and Performance

          Analyze 1000's of lines per second
          Lines of Code metrics
          Key word and content metrics
          Standard coding practice analysis
          Function, File and Project Complexity
          Cyclomatic Complexity
          Functional Analysis
          Macro Analysis
          User configurable reports
          Command line driven
          Wild card support for file and file across directories
          Multiple operating system support
          Source code provided
          Pretty printing with line numbers utility
          Personal, Commercial and Site Licenses Available
          Inexpensive and No License Managers

RSM is currently is in use world wide in Fortune 500 Software
companies certified in ISO 9001 Tickit and SEI.

Download your free fully functional evaluation demo for Linux or
Win95/NT, DOS.  All paid licenses comes with source to compile
on your system with a money back guarantee.

Contact: M Squared Technologies

Sun, 10 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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