ANNOUNCE: PVCS Tracker Software FREE!! 
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 ANNOUNCE: PVCS Tracker Software FREE!!

ANNOUNCE: PVCS Tracker software FREE

Dear Developer,

I have a COPY of PVCS Tracker to give away in my Christmas draw
open to anyone on the InterNet who is a developer.
It has a UK list price is 350 UKP or about $500 per user.

Tracker was previously called Defect Control System for Windows
when it was published by Software Edge.  The product has now
been bought by InterSolv and marketed as Tracker.

It is basically a Multi-User bug tracking system for Windows.
It's not at all bad and can double up as a HelpDesk system :-)

If you would like to enter my FREE prize draw please fill and
return the following questionaire below.
Delivery to the winner will be free in the UK.
Anybody who gets drawn from outside the UK can have it, if they
offer to pay shipping :-(

The offical Key PVCS Tracker Features
 Submit Problem Reports and Enhancement Requests -
 Track Error Condition Information -
 Automatically Notify Team Members -
 Customize the System to Meet Your Needs -

Good Luck,
Mark Cross Grey Matter Ltd (UK)
Merry Christmas.
Draw will close Monday 19th of December
Winner determined by funniest tie breaker
---------------------------cut here---------------------------

Do you use any bug tracking software?
If so whose?
What do you like or dislike about it?
If not, are you thinking of using some in the next year?
Do you use Version Control software?
If so whose?
What do you like or dislike about it?
If not, are you thinking of using some in the next year?
What compilers/development environments do you commonly use?
The tie-break question in less than 30 words
Why do you enjoy buying PC Software Development Tools from Grey Matter?
(If you live in US, make your answer up)
---------------------------cut here---------------------------

This is my private email address, not Grey Matter's
You may return email to this address if it is business related
but please bear it in mind if you pass it on to third parties.
All the views are my own and not those of Grey Matter Ltd. (UK)

Tue, 27 May 1997 19:50:36 GMT  
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