Best Way to Destroy a Programmer (WAS:VB sucks) 
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 Best Way to Destroy a Programmer (WAS:VB sucks)

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: : >> >Of course then comes the Design Stage which seperates the Computer
: : >> >Programmer from the Software Engineer IMHO.
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: : >> >Bret
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: : >> Well said. Learning the structure of a language is easy. Being able to
: : >> design and implement a working solution with a language is what
: : >> separates the men from the boys.
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: : >> Frank M.
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: : > And that is why real programming is a art, not a science.

: : Coding is nothing.  Design is everything.  Man codes, and gods design. :-)

:      Yah think so, huh? Designers are fluff - pretty picture people - they
:  do nothing, ultimately, and 90% of the time the developers doing the *real
:  work* just ignore them, and humour them. Trying to equate a designer to
:  a solid Win32/OLE/MFC developer is like trying to equate Andrew Lloyd Webber
:  with Motzart.

: : Anh

: - T.C.

****************begin r.s. response*****************

        software engineering and programming
        are a craft!!!

        the master,  supervisor;
        should work up from
        apprentice,  to journyman,

        if the supervisor and planner
        of today were the best
        line programmers of
        twenty years ago,
        then these would be more like
        what they are supposed to be...

        not long ago,  military type
        software engineering worked so,
        and worked well (in some cases)...

        frankly,  the troubles of today
        are largely caused by
        the political corruption of the 1980s
        which,  of course,  goes on now!!!

****************end r.s. response*******************
Ralph Silverman

Fri, 16 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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