void main(void)....revisited! 
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 void main(void)....revisited!

After alot of Email, some helpfull some Not,  I now understand my errors
concerning void main(void), since I have only programmed under DOS the fact
that my applications do not return a value upon exit was never a problem
but I was informed that if I were to program under a different enviroment
that some operating systems rely upon this return value. Hence all you
people using void main(void) better be sure your writting a DOS application
only or you could cause some real problems!!!!!!

As for my quote that void main(void) may be a C++ requirment in the future,
I was only quoting my instructor. Which was supposidly quoting some other
source which could be wrong.

I hope this stops the flood of email, it took about 10 messages for someone
to finally exsplain why this was wrong.... Hopefully me posting this here
will help clear up the debate a little, I worked for me!!

unlike the {*filter*} mail left by a user in Australia, instead of explaining why
he was write and I was wrong he just left condeming remarks about how I should
not be a programmer....I assume he was born one and has never been wrong and his
code runs the first time without a single bug.............

Fri, 07 Mar 1997 13:23:03 GMT  
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