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 <<<<<<<Parsing help, please>>>>>>>>

I am creating a database (for the first time) using NDBM. My problem
is in filling it with the data. I have to feed it some information (i.e
key) from the user interface. One of the problem is in capturing the
input of the user and putting it into the db. If anybody finds this question
trivial, please condescend to sharing it with me.
Another problem is that the information to be stored under the key can be
found in a huge output file produced by a program running prior to the db
program. Where is the problem? How do I parse efficiently to the few
lines I need which are of course preceded by garbage. Is there some
program out there that will do the job efficiently or maybe some general
method to follow.
Any suggestion will be welcome.
Thank you.

Sun, 23 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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