\"C\" vrs ADA 
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 \"C\" vrs ADA

>From: John Unekis <etn-rad!jru>
>      The ada language is far more than just a language. Ada includes
>      standards for editors,compilers, and run-time symbolic de{*filter*}s.

The DoD standards define both the Ada language and the environment
under which it runs.  It *is* possible to have the language without
the full environment.

>                    :
>      This standard was
>      named ADA, (the name of the {*filter*} of Charles Babbage, who

...the *benefactor* of Charles Babbage, who...

>      invented a punched card driven loom, considered to be the first

invented a mechanical computer called the Difference Engine...
(Jacquard invented the punched-card driven loom.)

>      computer, she was rumored to be the first person to ever write
>      a program on punched cards- why her name is appropriate for a
>      real-time language is a mystery).

Why not?

>      ... As long as
>      computers remain basically Von Neuman processors, no language is
>      going to offer any advantages in the real world to a language
>      like COBOL.


>      No business is going to go through the 3 to 5 years
>      effort of retraining and converting of existing code just to
>      satisfy the dogmatic prejudices of computer-science weenies.

Right, but there are *real* disadvantages to languages like COBOL
that can very definitely make retraining and converting worthwhile,
especially when migrating to new hardware.  Us computer science
weenies are in a position to evaluate the relative strengths and
weaknesses of various programming environments; and we try to promote
those that we feel have the most to offer in a particular situation.

I don't use Ada, but I know enough about it to know that I probably
wouldn't like programming in it.  And as a computer scientist I
question whether it will ever be a viable real-time programming
language.  It seems like its goals are self-contradictory: to provide
every imaginable feature with high performance real-time execution.
At least they aren't asking for quick compilation. :-)

-David Sill                  "Faith is believing what you know ain't true."

The opinions expressed above are those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect those of the Department of Defense or the U.S.

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 11:22:00 GMT  
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