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 ****** New Os Development Idea ******

: >
: > It depends on how do you measure competency.   The fact that
: > C allows just about everything is double edged sword.  
: > And IMHO, in the long run, its benefits are negligible,  
: > while the cost of maintaining code written by "smart" and
: > "competent" engineers (especially when they're no longer
: > around) is very high and it's a very difficult task.  
: In that case, they may be intelligent but they're not smart.
: IMHO a "smart" engineer writes code that can be maintained.

Everything can be maintained, but some code requires more
effort than others.

: I know I write code that nearly anyone who knows the base
: language could handle, because damned if I want to be tied
: to a single project for the rest of my career. I have
: no problems doing that in C, myself; if you do, perhaps you
: should learn better C.

I have no problem writing my own code, but when I encounter
jumptables containing function addresses and the like, I
sometimes get into a {*filter*}ous mood....    whoever wrote
the code shaved off a few bytes, but....
: > (I speak from experience, and from what I've heard from
: > people who working on some code that was already leveraged
: > 4 or 5 times.)
: From YOUR experience? Then that just indicates how well YOU write, and
: how well those other people write.

Well, some people wrote code that's easy to read, some people
wrote that's a nightmare to decipher.  Also, since most project
has deadlines, sometimes coding isn't finished completely, and
guess what's the first thing that's missing from such a code.

: (How well? If it was "leveraged" unintentionally, pretty dadgummed
: poorly. Don't blame C for any incompetence on the part of the
: programmer.)

Overuse, or I may say, abuse of pointers even when they aren't
needed is one thing I very often see C code, just to name one.
Equivalent operations would require 4 - 5 times as much typing
in many other languages, so programmers there stick to a lot
simpler and more foolproof index.  

: > The good in thing in C that it may give programmers a bit
: > more job security.  Just write a sufficiently large piece
: > of code that no one else knows and your boss may think
: > twice before firing you, or even if he do so, he'll soon
: > realize that maybe we need "that" programmer.  (One of
: > my friend was rehired soon after he was laid off for this
: > very reason)
: Boy, that's a recipe for success. "I use C as a weapon against
: my employers." Why not write *good* code, so that you're valuable,
: instead of crappy code, so they have to hire you to maintain your
: own electronic feces? Why not demonstrate your value positively?

I'm not using it against anyone, but the example I quoted was
a true story.  Positive or not, that's a whole different story.

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