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 bounced news article - trying again

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Subject: USENIX C++ Workshop Announcement

>Newsgroups: comp.lang.c++,comp.lang.c,
>Keywords: C++,USENIX,workshop

                        Call for Participation
                          USENIX C++ Workshop
                         Santa Fe, New Mexico
                            El Dorado Hotel
                           Monday & Tuesday
                         November 9 & 10, 1987

        USENIX is pleased  to  be  hosting  the  world's  first
        workshop  on the C++ language.  This two-day event will
        bring together users of the C++ language to share their

             Bjarne Stroustrup, designer of the  C++  language,
        has  agreed  to speak on topics guaranteed not to be in
        the C++ book, including multiple inheritance and  other

             If you are interested in presenting either a  full
        paper  or  a 10-minute discussion of your current work,
        please  contact  the  Conference  Chair  as   soon   as
        possible.   Suggested   topics  include,  but  are  not
        limited   to:   Case   Studies,   Programming   Support
        Environments,  Teaching/Learning  C++, Class Libraries,
        Debugging  C++,  and  C++   Compiler   implementations.
        Abstracts   for   full  papers  must  be  submitted  by
        September 15, 1987, preferably electronically.

             Vendors of products related to C++ are  encouraged
        to   send  technical  personnel  to  demonstrate  their
        products.  Call the  Registration  Information  contact
        below for more information.

        Conference Chair

        Keith Gorlen
        Building 12A, Room 2017
        National Institutes of Health
        Bethesda, MD  20892

        Conference Registration Information:

        Judy DesHarnais
        USENIX Association Conference Office
        16951 Pacific Coast Hwy.
        P.O. Box 385
        Sunset Beach, CA  90742

        Date of this Announcement: Aug 14, 1987

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