Is this a good Idea?? 
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 Is this a good Idea??

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>2) Some "numbers" will stop fgetc or scanf cold. i.e. The character ctrl-Z
>is used as end of file on many machines, and fgetc/scanf will honor this.

#1.  Not if you fopen in binary mode with an ANSI compiler.

#2.  Don't ever use scanf!!!

>The only routines you should be using for a "binary" file are fread and
>fwrite, even if you are writing the file one byte at a time.

This is not true.  They must behave as if getc and putc were used,
and the macros may well be much faster.

There may be

>other "characters" beyond the ctrl-Z (decimal 26) that will get you into
>trouble when you try to read them (or write them) with the character

Again, don't fopen in text mode.  But make sure that when you get a
character you put it in an int, not a char, because otherwise
EOF (typically -1) will compare equal to one of the binary char's.

>If you want a truly portable file, convert the numbers to text and write a
>completely display-able file.

Ah, some correct advice.  (Also makes debugging incredibly easier,
take my word for it!)


Fri, 27 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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