GIF or TIF C Source ? 
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 GIF or TIF C Source ?


> : >I'm looking for some C code to display either GIFs or TIFs.  If you
> : >have either, please e-mail me or post it here...

> : Here we go again --
> : Neither GIFS nor TIFs are part of C.
> : There are newsgroups for this.  Check news.announce.newuser (which you
> : should have already done) for info on how to find the right newsgroup.
> : Having found such a newsgroup, retrieve its FAQ from and
> : read it, since your question may already have been answered there.  Also
> : check the back traffic, for the same reason.  Only then should you post
> : a question to the victim newsgroup.

> :                                                                                                                
> : --

> : * Chicago, IL (USA)    

> Wrong Martin, this is the proper newsgroup for the request.  "C" source
> code was requested.  So put a sock in it.

Wrong, Robert. This newsgroup is for discussion about the LANGUAGE
issues related to C (see the "lang" in "comp.lang.c"?). Questions about
source code for specific projects are not to be discussed here. The
fact that the original post asked for C source code is irrelevent -
"display code" for GIFs or TIFs could be done in other languages too.

The bottom line is: the original poster should have asked the question
in comp.sources.wanted (for example).


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Tue, 26 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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