basic question about pointers and local vars 
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 basic question about pointers and local vars

This is basic and I should know it but I don't.  Here's my query--
So I know that if you have:

main () {
char string[10];


function (char *string) {
   string[0] = 'a';
   string[1] = 'b';


This changes what the string is in main because string is a pointer.  But
what is the
standard way to get a string returned by a function if you don't want to
space for the array in main.  For example, is this valid:

main() {
char *string;


function(char *string) {
   string = (char *)malloc(...);
   string[0] = 'a';
   string[1] = 'b';


It doesn't seem like it should be because the value of the pointer itself
gets changed
here and I would have thought that that gets lost when control goes back
to main, but
it does work when I try it.  So where is the problem and what is the right
way to do this?

--Gene Cutler


Tue, 04 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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