Books/resources on C & MIDI? 
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 Books/resources on C & MIDI?

Hello all,

        As you can see from my .sig, I'm a Comp. Sci. Major at WPC in New
Jersey.  I'm going to be doing an independant study next semester writing
(make that attempting to write :-) ) a midi sysex editor/librarian.  I've
kind of deliberately jumped in over my head to force myself to learn
about midi.

        I'm wonering if anyone can point me to any good books or 'net
resources on midi programing in C (I presently only know C).

Scott D. Webster           Junior, Computer Science - William Paterson College

 finger the above address for a    ??    if a whizzywig could whiz wigs?   ??
         list of URL's             ??????????????????????????????????????????

Fri, 02 May 1997 02:30:58 GMT  
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