Announce: Mailing list for Cons software construction system 
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 Announce: Mailing list for Cons software construction system

Dear Reader,

I'm creating a mailing list for Cons, a Software Construction System.
Cons is particularly suited to large (or small) C and C++ systems. This
is a freely available tool recently described in the Perl Journal (issue
#9, Spring, 1998; contact http://www.*-*-*.com/ for a copy).

Cons is available from any CPAN site. The following URL will direct you
to a site:


To subscribe to the list, please send a message to:

with "subscribe" in the body of the message.

Your subscription request will not be processed until Wednesday, April

Here is an excerpt form the Cons documentation:

"Cons is a system for constructing, primarily, software, but is quite
different from previous software construction systems. Cons was designed
from the ground up to deal easily with the construction of software
spread over multiple source directories. Cons makes it easy to create
build scripts that are simple, understandable and maintainable. Cons
ensures that complex software is easily and accurately reproducible.

"Cons uses a number of techniques to accomplish all of this.
Construction scripts are just Perl scripts, making them both easy to
comprehend and very flexible. Global scoping of variables is replaced
with an import/export mechanism for sharing information between scripts,
significantly improving the readability and maintainability of each
script. Construction environments are introduced: these are Perl objects
that capture the information required for controlling the build process.
Multiple environments are used when different semantics are required for
generating products in the build tree. Cons implements automatic
dependency analysis and uses this to globally sequence the entire build.
Variant builds are easily produced from a single source tree.
Intelligent build subsetting is possible, when working on localized
changes. Overrides can be setup to easily override build instructions
without modifying any scripts. MD5 cryptographic signatures are
associated with derived files, and are used to accurately determine
whether a given file needs to be rebuilt."

Bob Sidebotham

Tue, 19 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Announce: Mailing list for Cons software construction system

My apologies. The address should be:



> To subscribe to the list, please send a message to:

> with "subscribe" in the body of the message.

Tue, 19 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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