Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set, Beta Release 
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 Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set, Beta Release

The Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set (PCCTS) is a set of public domain
software tools designed to facilitate the implementation of compilers and
other translation systems.  The tool set is continuously being upgraded and
extended, hence the current release -- which is merely a Beta test release
-- only includes those portions which we believe are reasonably stable.

PCCTS is functionally similar to the combination of LEX and YACC, although
not interchangable with them.  The primary advantages of PCCTS are:

* Lexer and parser both generated from a single specification
* Extended BNF grammar notation allowing complex subrules
* Powerful attribute handling; both upward and downward inheritance
* Generates pure C code implementing *FAST* LL(1) parsers
* Documentation/maintenance features (e.g., print grammar w/o actions)
* Sample grammars (e.g., Pascal) included with system

The tools (written in relatively portable C ;-) and several examples are
available via annonomous ftp from the carp/PCCTS subdirectory on
en.ecn.purdue.edu.  Documentation is not currently available on-line, but is
available free of charge as Purdue University School of Electrical
Engineering Technical Report TR-EE 90-14, "Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool
Set."  Contact:

Prof. Hank Dietz
School of Electrical Engineering
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN  47907

(317) 494 3357

of the system was partially supported by NSF.  The authors and Purdue
University provide this software on a strictly "as-is" basis, without
warranty or liability.  Despite this, bug reports and fixes are welcome.

Sun, 13 Sep 1992 00:46:14 GMT  
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